4 Interaction Design vs UX Design

What is interaction design and how is it different to UX design?

Well..the discussion is still going on. It is difficult to pin it down, because different camps of people have different biases against different definitions.

While it is interesting to have these discussions, it is also important to realize that things are rarely black or white, at the end of the day, they are both a part of one ecosystem.

So if we want to separate UX designer and Interaction designer based on their focus, we could say, the former focuses on the user and the latter focuses on the product, however, the user and the product cannot be separated. Where there is an interaction, there is a user.

User without product is just a human and product without user is just garbage.

Any type of interface, information architecture, navigation or visual aspects cannot be thought without user needs and problems in the center.

So are you interaction or UX designer? Probably a bit of both.

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