Yay, it is official!

I am very excited to start my UX/UI challenge. I designed it myself as a way how to get some nice in depth foundations in UX/UI on top of what I already learnt.

I will simplify my discoveries in posts in my UX KNOWLEDGE BASE tab that will provide ‘explain your PhD thesis to your grandma in three sentences’ kind of information on different topics for myself mainly, or anyone who is interested.  Disclaimer, these are not amazing quality articles like New York Times, it is more like notes from interesting articles I read.

So here is the list of topics, there are some empty slots for discoveries on the way but if you guys have some good ideas, please leave me a comment.

  1. Design Thinking
  2. History of UX
  3. UX Design Process
  4. Interaction Design
  5. UX Unicorn
  6. Don Norman
  7. UX Research
  8. Personas
  9. Ideation
  10. Wireframes
  11. Information Architecture
  12. User Journey Maps, Experience Mapping
  13. Usability testing
  14. Storyboards
  15. Scenarios
  1. Mental Models
  2. Persuasive Design
  3. Task Flows
  4. KPIs in UX
  5. Competitive Analysis
  6. Accessibility Rules
  7. Conversion Optimization
  8. Experience Strategy
  9. Collaboration and Tools
  10. Anthropology and UX
  11. Empty Slot
  12. Empty Slot
  13. Empty Slot
  14. Empty Slot
  15. Empty Slot


Painting of woman with a warrior look, comics style

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