3 UX Design Process: 5 Stages

What did I learn in General Assembly?

General Assembly is very good with providing free introductory courses in UX. I went to two different ones and watched one online class. Here is what I learnt about UX design process..

There are generally 5 basic stages of the process, based on the diagram from the class I created this one in Lucidchart:

Emphatize: This is where we do our research, trying to be as neutral as possible, putting ourselves in other people’s shoes to understand their problems, motivations and needs.

Define: Defining the problem is a result of our research analysis, based on customer’s needs and insights we identify common struggles, needs and successes.

Ideate: This is where we produce as many ideas as possible, through the brainstorming. Rapid ideas, quantity. There is a method called crazy eights, which means producing 8 ideas in 8 minutes. Ideas are disposable.

Prototype: In prototyping phase, we can start to think through the flows and produce low fidelity wireframes, think about hierarchies, interactions, no visual work yet. After that we can create a prototype which serves as a learning tool.

Test: In this phase, we test the prototype with the users, often use task scenarios, for. example, can you find a present for your friend for $50. It is important to observe how the customers use the prototype without guiding them and based on our observation we can go back to ideation or/and make changes.

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