Persona’s Document Illustration, LAB 2019

Why do we create personas?

To discover what patterns people share in their interaction with products

To understand diversity of how people go about using products

To be able to make the UX process more real and fun when we tie our solutions back to real life person who represents one of the patterns

To be able to understand users in different scenarios

Why do we need all of the above? Our ultimate goal is to collect requirements for our product to be able to suggest design solutions


How do we create personas?

First we collect data about users, interviewing, observing

From the data we identify the behavioral patterns, trends

We choose 3-4 personas, large number of personas would divert our focus, we cannot cater for everyone, also, we should identify the primary persona

We create personas documentation based on scenarios of interaction (imagined situations describing how would our persona behave)


Persona’s document

Persona document includes following information:

Persona’s name


Demographics (gender, age, location, marital status, family)

Goals and Needs



Pieces of personality (quote capturing personality)


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