It always seems impossible until it is done. (Nelson Mandela)

Hellooo, I am Lada, a Czech living in Australia and a UX/UI designer, mural painter and a freelance artist who loves the idea of design thinking. My journey went from painting through home school of technology, looong research in Vietnam to design thinking.

My Story

It all started with my creative family of painters and musicians.

Painting was always my hobby and something that keeps me both excited and level headed. My great grand father was an artist and professional painter, my mum always painted beautifully and my dad’s drawings are great too but his musical talent is incredible! I mean he plays violin! I think some of these genes must have been sprinkled on me when I was born, otherwise I cannot explain how the time disappears when I paint or create, music included.

Ah, talking about family I didn’t mention I love technology! Meet my brother, my IT guru and a technology expert.

Yes, my brother taught me lots and I am trying to keep him proud. In my professional role at the uni, I came up with an idea to completely redesign the website for the department because it was (not only in my view) visually and architecturally painful experience, so I became a web designer in WordPress. Since then, I designed some other websites and it is so satisfying!

It continued with researching how people behave, but notice, I am still keeping my design and discovering I love to change old rigid processes and use technology, welcome my innovative self!

When I was younger and went to university, graphic design, let alone UX/UI design, was not ‘a thing’ so I studied ethnology/anthropology with specialization in Vietnam and then political science. I learnt a lot about biases and diversity. During my studies I always drifted towards creative tasks and was the first person volunteering to create posters for conferences or design materials for various events. And in my professional roles at the uni, I discovered that innovating old and rigid bureaucratic processes excites me a lot.

And this is what is happening now, I finally figured out what is the next part of my journey: UX /UI design!

I finished my PhD recently, I am a proud expert on Vietnamese politics, however, I decided academia is not my calling and went back to what I was drawn to for my whole life: helping people while using design, ideas and technology. Besides these, I love body surfing, yoga, music and always working on myself.

My decision to change the course of my career seemed impossibly hard at first, I mean I spent over a decade in academia, but I was never more confident to do something. I have so much passion for problem solving via design, nobody can stop me now.