Know how to recycle correctly

An app for recycling in New South Wales, designed for a course UX Design Fundamentals from the California Institute of the Arts, Coursera, December 2019, January 2020.

An idea for this app came from constant confusion of myself and majority people around me about what can go in a recycling bin. Different councils in the NSW have different policies on recycling and the rules change. Many people rather put packaging to the general waste bin to avoid making mistakes. The result is unnecessarily expenditure for the councils and recyclable materials ending up in a landfill. My app deals with these issues.

This app has three main functions:

a. determines whether an object can be recycled in any given location in NSW, Australia, you can:

  • take a photo (object recognition)
  • scan bar/QR code
  • Search in the library of objects

b. set reminder for putting the bins out

  • all colours of bins
  • ask neighbour when away

c. teaches recycling and upcycling tricks

In addition, the app teaches users about how are products made and explains why they can or cannot be recycled.

Link to the clickable prototype